Our prices are clear and easy to understand, we charge

  • only 0,09 USD/kWh
  • 0 USD (instead of 29 USD) monthly fee (SPECIAL OFFER)
  • 0 USD setup fee (excluding delivery costs)

If your miner has a technical defect, we will charge you

  • 29 USD per started 15 minutes for the technician

This service must be explicitly booked by you. If spare parts are required for repair, we will be happy to provide you with a quote.

If you should return your Miner, we will charge you a

  • a packaging fee of 14.90 USD per unit/miner

in addition to the shipping fees of your chosen logistics provider. We unfortunately have to charge this fee as we want to ensure proper packaging of the miners.

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Switch to future-proof ASIC miner hosting from

Your Asic Miner – we host

You need a hoster for your own Asic Miners? We offer you the appropriate service, even for hardware not purchased from us.

Why are third-party devices rarely hosted?
Due to possible limitations in function, dirt or often defective devices, it is usually much more complicated to install hardware from other companies properly and professionally.

The financial aspect also plays a role here, since as a hoster we can only make a small profit on hosting and not on the direct sale of Asic Miner.

What are the reasons for switching?
Switching hosting providers is beneficial when, for example, high electricity prices mean that the hardware can no longer pay for itself. Accordingly, it is possible to achieve a better result with a hoster at locations with lower electricity prices.

In our case, the electricity price is currently only 0.09 USD/kWh.

However, you may also feel that your expensive hardware is not being handled properly, adequate cooling is not being provided, or the hoster is not making an effort to maintain the miners.

Poor accessibility, incomprehensible maintenance costs or rising prices due to other circumstances – i.e. a sobering service from the current hoster – can also motivate you to switch.

How does the change work?

Unlike other providers, at it is possible to switch to us with only one existing Asic miner and enjoy our many benefits. To make this happen, you should check your current contract for possible early exit terms, but this is usually possible without much effort. Once you are out of the contract, you will receive your Asic Miner back and can forward it to us. Upon receipt, the hardware will be checked for functionality, hidden bugs and other defects. This information is important to understand the current condition of the equipment in order to be able to guarantee unrestricted function. If the hardware has a defect, it should be checked whether there is a manufacturer’s warranty or a warranty claim in order to have it repaired free of charge by the manufacturer. In the case that no warranty or guarantee can be claimed, it is possible for us to carry out repairs on defective devices in our own workshop.

If spare parts are needed for the repair, we will gladly send you an offer. If the hardware is intact, it will be immediately connected to the slot reserved for you and put into operation.

What are your advantages?

It is very important to us to handle your Asic Miners as if they were our own.

Provided all the circumstances are clarified and a contract is signed, you will benefit from low electricity prices, expert technical support, independent (emergency) power supply in case of failure, superior cooling performance, a data center monitored by security guards and cameras, excellent Internet connectivity and many other advantages.

Feel free to contact us with your contact information, the current location of the miners and the number of brand and model, of the devices.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact our team.

We are looking forward to your inquiry!