Data Center

Data Center

Our data center specializes in the operation of ASIC miners. For this purpose, we have correspondingly high cooling and power supply capacities.

The data center is located directly next to the substation of a nuclear power plant. We chose this location in order to be supplied as quickly as possible even in special situations. This is because, according to Ohm’s law, electricity would flow first to our data center – due to the short distance.

In the nevertheless unlikely event of a shutdown of the power plant and the other power supply, we have installed redundant emergency power supplies. In the event of a failure, the system can switch fully automatically from mains power to emergency power.

Even with a good power supply, a permanent connection to the Internet must be guaranteed. For this reason, our data center has a redundant Internet connection to the outside. In this way, we ensure that an Internet connection is still available even in the event of disruptions. The speed limit is about 100 MBit/s per miner. In practice, however, significantly lower speeds would also be sufficient.

In our data center, we have literally adopted the cooling concept of the smaller ASIC miners on a large scale. In this way, our cold air system ensures that all the air in the data center is exchanged in just 2 seconds.

In the event of a fire, we rely on the usual gas extinguishing system for data centers. A possible source of fire would thus be deprived of oxygen supply.

We only use network technology from high-quality and well-known manufacturers such as Mikrotik. For electrical equipment and circuits, we rely on reputable (German) manufacturers.

The area of the data center is monitored 24/7 by security staff and by camera in order to be able to guarantee security on the entire facility.

Due to the current political unrest, we have made extensive adjustments to our data center design. We are now able to move the entire data center (in case of emergency) to a new location in an orderly manner within a few days.